2014 Ford Edge Sport Under Investigation by NHTSA

The 2014 Ford Edge Sport is under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s microscope for a potential defect with its 22-inch wheels.

Allegedly the rims can break while driving, which is a whole lot of not good. It goes without saying but having this happen at freeway speeds is not something anyone wants to experience and is a serious safety issue. According to NHTSA this defect could affect around 20,000 vehicles.

One case has precipitated this action by the federal agency. In November of last year a driver reported the right-front corner of their Edge suddenly dropped, causing the vehicle to veer off the road and into a field. Fortunately no one was harmed by this incident, though if there is an actual widespread problem the potential for carnage is high.

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During the investigation following the crahs it was found that the Edge’s wheel had broken into two pieces. At the time this happened the crossover had about 8,500 miles on the odometer so it was still essentially brand new.

Ford is cooperating with NHTSA during this ongoing investigation and if there’s anymore information to share on this subject we’ll keep you posted here at

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