California HOV Stickers for Plug-In Hybrids Are Almost Gone

The number of HOV single occupant exemption stickers available in California for plug-in hybrid owners is dwindling.

The state of California increased the number of HOV exemption stickers that it planned to offer for plug-in hybrids twice since it first introduced them. Initially, the state planned to off er 40,000, but that officials chose to increase the total to 55,000 in July, 2014. When that proved to be too few, the state increased the total again to 70,000.

Californians with a hybrid vehicle, like a Toyota Prius, were previously allowed to buy a yellow exemption sticker until the supply ran out in 2011. Fully electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf are eligible for the state’s white sticker that also grants single occupant electric cars access to carpool lanes. The California government isn’t limiting the number of white stickers that it releases, but they will expire at the beginning of 2019.

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