Mitsubishi Lancer Recall, Outlander Recall Affects 130,000 Cars

Two Mitsubishi recalls have been announced, affecting over 130,000 cars.

The first of the two Mitsubishi recalls is for the 2009-2011 Lancer, 2010-2011 Lancer Sportback, 2010-2011 Lancer Evolution and 2011 Outlander Sport. Nearly 77,000 units are being recalled due to a faulty windshield defroster. According to the Japanese automaker, the defroster might fail as a result of a faulty blower motor.

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The other recall affects the 2009-2010 Lancer, 2009-2010 Outlander, 2010 Lancer Evolution and 2010 Lancer Sportback. For this recall, the headlights, tail lights and windshield wipers may stop working due to an unstable electronic control unit. About 53,400 units are affected in the Mitsubishi Lancer recall and Outlander recall and Mitsubishi will notify all affected owners with dealers replacing the faulty parts free of charge.

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