Next-Gen Volkswagen GTI Getting 300 HP


Volkswagen is going to keep its Golf GTI relevant in the horsepower war.

According to a recent report from Automobile, Volkswagen is aiming to equip its next-generation Golf GTI with 300 hp, up from the current 210 hp and more than the 292-hp Golf R. With the increase in performance across the entire Golf lineup, the German automaker will also add a third model, the Golf RS sporting 400 hp, similar to the Golf R400 concept that is heading to production.

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI likely won’t debut until early 2019 and it’ll be an evolution of the existing GTI, built on the MQB Evo platform. Expect it to lose 50 to 100 lbs compared to the current model, with upgrades mainly focused on the drivetrain and electronics of the hot hatch.

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Currently, the only engine that has been approved for the next Golf GTI is the 300-hp mill in the form of a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. Other powertrain options that are under consideration include a narrow-angle V6 with 300 hp in either 2.5- or 3.0-liter form as well as a hybrid variant or EV with a pair of motors, one packing 170 hp and another with 95 hp.

Expect the 300-hp Volkswagen Golf GTI to be paired to a standard six-speed manual transmission while options include a dual-clutch automatic transmission, adaptive suspension dampers, bigger brakes, a pair of aerodynamic aids and an electronic limited-slip differential.

[Source: Automobile]

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