FCA Owner Apps Updated with New Features

Mopar has redesigned the suite of FCA Owners Apps with new enhancements for vehicle owners.

The companion apps are available for download on both iOS and Android mobile devices for free and are compatible with all FCA vehicles beginning from model year 2011.

The apps feature individual brand versions and allow users to access information such as maintenance schedules, service history and recall notices. In addition, they also boast plenty of how-to information and instructional videos, as well as allowing customers to schedule test drives and receive quotes from local dealerships on new vehicles.

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One of the biggest additions to the FCA Owners App suite is the augmented reality function that works with all 2015-up models. It allows owners to use the camera feature on their mobile device to scan and identify instrument panel icons. There is also an enhanced Parking Reminder feature that will let users pin their parking locations and a timer for the meter, along with walking directions back to their vehicle.

Lastly, there’s an OEM industry-first Accident Assistant feature, helping owners create accident records, upload insurance information and capture accident scene photos.

“Mopar was first with smartphone vehicle apps for customers, and the redesigned FCA Owner apps provide another important extension of the vehicle ownership experience,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar Brand Service, Parts and Customer Care, FCA. “From augmented reality to a wide variety of vehicle-specific information, FCA Owner apps are a comprehensive mobile tool for owners on-the-go in their customer journey every day.”

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