GM Recalls Prompt NHTSA Reform

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is turning to outside experts in wake of the GM recall.

The Obama Administration confirmed that NHTSA will be advised by a team of three outside experts on how to implement new reforms as a result of how it handled the GM ignition switch recall.

The agency has announced a new “risk control innovations” program hoping to address safety risks that fall outside NHTSA’s current specialized focus areas. In addition, two reports were released that outlined changes required to improve NHTSA’s ability to hold manufacturers accountable for potentially deadly defects.

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The three outside experts are being billed as “three of the most experienced and knowledgeable safety professionals in the world,” with U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Anthony Foxx confirming that changes are coming and the agency is “breaking down stovepipes and reaching into offices from across NHTSA to address safety risks.”

“NHTSA has identified improvements, some already in progress and some we plan to make, to better investigate, identify and remedy defects that threaten public safety,” said Foxx in a statement.

The GM recall has now been connected to over 100 deaths with more likely to come as the compensation fund continues to go through claims.

[Source: Automotive News]

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