Is this Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ Self-Driving Car?


Apple has been caught testing modified Dodge Grand Caravans around the metro Detroit area for the first time.  

The technology giant’s “Project Titan” supposedly involves the creation of an electrically powered minivan-like vehicle that’s loaded with connected-car technology. The vehicle spotted here is covered with sensors, many of which are mounted to the roof, though there’s also something attached to one of its rear wheels.

Aside from all of this computerized hoopla this vehicle looks pretty much like your garden-variety Grand Caravan. However, it is wearing California license plates, which is always an oddity to see in the Midwest.

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The presence of this vehicle in Michigan hints that Apple may be in talks with automakers and supplier companies in the area. Believe it or not, building cars is not easy. It requires advanced engineering, stringent safety testing and many other things to consider, stuff that’s probably outside the company’s wheelhouse right now.

Of course all of this is just speculation  but it’s seems quite likely that Apple is in fact developing some sort of self-driving vehicle. Google is doing the same and the fruity company certainly doesn’t want to get left behind. Apple’s CarPlay in-vehicle infotainment system is about to launch and it should be their first foray into the automotive space.

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