Lotus Moving US HQ to Detroit, Evora 400 Deliveries to Begin This Year

Lotus is back.

Halting deliveries of street-legal cars in 2014, Lotus Cars USA Inc., will resume normal operations this year.

The British sports car maker has announced it will begin the first deliveries of its new Evora 400 model in December of 2015, with the car being sold as a 2017 model year vehicle.

As part of a larger restructuring of its US operations, Lotus will move its US headquarters from Lawrenceville, Georgia, just outside Atlanta to Ann Arbor, Michigan where it will share facilities with Lotus Engineering. Inc.

In a statement Lotus says the move, “will ensure that both divisions can grow their individual operations, while benefiting from improved efficiency through sharing a number of business functions.”

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Jean-Marc Gales, Group Lotus plc CEO commented that, “North America, as the largest sports car market in the world, is important for Lotus, both for model sales and for our engineering consultancy business. By having both of our USA organisations located in Michigan, we shall be within the heartland of the USA automotive sector, where the headquarters of some of the most important, influential and significant automotive manufacturers and suppliers are based. This will reaffirm our presence in the North American market, by providing improved customer service, better technical and consultancy support, while ensuring that we have access to a skills base not found anywhere else in the territory. All of this fits with Lotus developing speedily in North America in years to come.”

Lotus currently has 47 dealers in North America and says it has plans to open more.

The Evora 400 will be the first of a new rollout of Lotus models, followed by the 3-Eleven sports car and a rumored crossover.

The 400 will be both the quickest and fastest Lotus ever, with a 0-60 time of 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph. Lotus claims it is 6 seconds a lap faster around its test track in Hethel than the Evora S.

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