Many Consumers Don’t Fully Understand Their Infotainment Systems: Survey

Many Consumers Don’t Fully Understand Their Infotainment Systems: Survey

Car owners are not taking advantage of their new advanced infotainment systems.

According to a recent survey by Nielsen and automotive consultants SBD, automakers are outfitting their infotainment systems with features that most owners don’t use or are not even aware of.

A total of 14,000 vehicle owners were surveyed and 43 percent of the participants said that automakers are adding too much infotainment technology to new vehicles. On the survey, infotainment features available now scored low in owner satisfaction.

Out of 42 vehicle features, which range from hybrid engines to electronic suspensions, the 10 that scored lowest all had to do with infotainment systems. The worst feature according to the survey was voice recognition, but others that ranked low include smartphone integration, built-in apps and customizable instrument panels.

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The features that most owners are simply ignoring include in-car hard drives for storing music, CD players, concierge services such as OnStar, BMW Assist and Hyundai BlueLink and voice recognition.

“It’s sort of an arms race — who can have the most technology in the vehicle — and consumers are confused,” said Nielsen Vice President Mike Chadsey.

[Source: Automotive News]