Many Takata Airbag Replacement Parts Need to be Replaced

Many Takata Airbag Replacement Parts Need to be Replaced

Some folks will be visiting their dealerships twice due to the Takata airbag recall.

It is being reported that at least 400,000 of the four-million replacement inflators will need to be replaced again in U.S. vehicles, as faulty parts were used to replace already faulty parts.

According to U.S. safety regulators, another 500,000 of those parts appear to be safe, which means three-million replacement parts are still in question. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that anyone is able to inform owners with any certainty just how many vehicles may still have defective airbag parts, even if they’ve already been replaced.

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Last month, the Takata airbag recall became the single largest product recall ever, affecting nearly 34-million vehicles in the U.S. Although it is still unclear how many vehicles are equipped with defective inflators, there has been a discrepancy between the potential number of faulty airbag inflators and the actual number of vehicles recalled. Now, there’s even more confusion as it’s unclear how many vehicles will have to have their airbag inflators replaced again.

Since Takata’s disclosure on May 18, eight out of 10 automakers that use the company’s airbags have expanded earlier recalls or initiated a new recall, while one other has said potentially defective parts are covered by previous recalls.

[Source: Automotive News]