Subaru to Fund Pet Carrier Safety Study

Subaru wants to make sure your furry friend is protected while traveling in a car. 

The Japanese automaker will fund the Center for Pet Safety’s (CPS) testing of pet crates and carriers in crash situations. The study will look at the structural integrity of each crate and carrier along with investigating different crate to vehicle connection options.

CPS says that 54 percent of pet owners travel with their pet, with one in five admitting that their pet travels in their lap.

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The partnership between Subaru and CPS has already produced a pet harness crash worthiness test (pictured above), which uncovered major differences in performance from popular pet restraints. Many of the restraints completely failed, leaving a high risk for pets and passengers.

“Pet safety is very important to Subaru as more than half of Subaru drivers are pet owners, with over 69% of them owning at least one dog. We feel a sense of responsibility to inform pet parents of safety measures they can take,”said Michael McHale, Subaru’s director of corporate communications

The testing will be undertaken by MGA Research Corporation and the results, including a crate sizing guide and best practices list for securing pets, will be released later this summer.

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