Volvo Safety Tech Cuts Accidents by 28 percent

Volvo Safety Tech Cuts Accidents by 28 percent

Volvo is well on its goal to deliver cars in which no one is seriously injured or killed by the year 2020. According to research conducted by Swedish insurance companies, Volvo’s are 28 percent less likely to rear-end another vehicle.

The research took into consideration 160,000 vehicles in Sweden and found that the standard automatic braking feature in Volvo’s have helped to reduce the amount of insurance claims.

The study also found that the collision prevention system helps reduce whiplash injuries and the cost of damages when the cars are actually involved in an accident.

While past generations of Volvo vehicles only activated the City Safety automatic braking at low speeds, the new 2016 XC90 has the feature on at all speeds.

“We see our continuous development of collision avoidance and steering assist systems as stepping stones towards autonomous cars,” said Magdalena Lindman, traffic safety data Expert at Volvo Cars. “Volvo Cars is already at the forefront of autonomous car development and our huge credibility in car safety is a major advantage. We believe that collision avoidance systems will be an enabler for cars that do not crash and allow people the freedom to drive or be driven in comfort to their destination,” said Lindman.

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