2016 Porsche 911 Updated with New Engine, Other Tweaks

Porsche’s iconic 911 sports car is getting refreshed before an all-new model debuts in 2018. Here’s what the folks in Zuffenhausen have done to this automotive legend.

Most importantly the car will feature a new turbocharged flat-six engine. This powerplant should displace less than 3.0-liters and is expected to deliver around 365 horses in the 911 Carrera.

Of course this will hardly be the most potent version of the car. Carrera S variants will likely feature a similar force-fed powerplant, one that could put around 415 hp. However, this is pure conjecture at this time.

Naturally this updated 911 has received a number of other enhancements in addition to the new powertrain. Inside it gains a steering wheel-mounted driving mode selector. It gives motorists access to four different programs. There also appears to be a new multimedia system.

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Outside, the car’s front bumper has been reworked; there are also larger air ducts, ostensibly for better cooling, as well as slim LED daytime running lights. A similar optical treatment has been used on the side-view mirrors for the turn-signal indicators.

Around back, the facelifted 911 has ventilation slits in its back bumper to help that raging boxer engine keep its cool.

An all-new Porsche 911 may be on the way but there’s still plenty to get excited about here. The car should debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and have an on-sale date sometime this year. What changes have we missed with this refreshed model?‘s spy photographers have also caught the refreshed Porsche 911 testing and you can check out a gallery of those spy photos below.

[Source: Autocar]

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