Ferrari 488 Spider is a 203-MPH Blue Blur

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

Ferrari has revealed its latest drop top, the 488 Spider, and it made its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Power comes from the same turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 as the new 488 GTB, making 660 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque, with max power coming on at 8,000 rpm. That juice is sent through a seven-speed “F1 transmission” as the brand calls it. The sprint from 0 to 62 mph will come in three seconds flat in this car, the same as its coupe conterpart, while top speed is pegged at 203 mph with the roof up or down.

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Previewed in a great shade of blue, Ferrari says that the new hard top convertible roof can be fully raised and lowered in 13.6 seconds. It is also about 55 pounds lighter than the old fabric roof on the last-generation F430 Spider, though the 488 Spider weighs 110 pounds more than the 488 GTB.

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To keep the ride inside as quiet and smooth as possible, Ferrari has added a rear electric glass wind stop, which can be raised or lowered to adjust noise levels in the cabin.

Ferrari also tweaked the Slide Slip Angle Control System on this car, allowing the driver to have greater freedom than with the car’s predecessor, the 458 Spider. Ferrari says that the 488 Spider accelerates out of corners 12 percent faster than the 458 Spider.

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