GM’s OnStar Also had a Hacking Vulnerability

One hacker claims he has a device that can take over any GM vehicle equipped with OnStar.

Samy Kamkar calls his device OwnStar and built it for around $100 and allows the hacker to lock, unlock and start the car. Unlike the recent Jeep Cherokee and Uconnect hack, which was done wirelessly and remotely, OwnStar must be placed on the vehicle it wants to hack and requires the driver to open the OnStar app within WiFi range of the device. Only then is the device capable of gaining access to the car.

Kamkar created a video detailing how the device functions and plans to explain more in depth at the major security conference Defcon next week.

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Essentially, the security flaw lies in the mobile software and OwnStar is capable of intercepting communication after the OnStar user opens the app. General Motors has already responded saying that the potential vulnerability has already been fixed and that no additional action is required by customers.

You can learn more about OwnStar by watching Kamkar’s demo of the device in a video below.

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[Source: Tech Insider]

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