Is This the New Lexus SC Testing?

Is This the New Lexus SC Testing?

A heavily camouflaged prototype has been spotted testing, and it could be the new Lexus SC.

The photos appeared on Matt Farah’s Instagram page and according to Farah, the prototype was spotted in the canyons along with a Lexus LS, BMW 650i and Porsche 911. That’s quite the collection of luxury vehicles, ranging from flagship sedans to sporty coupes, and all of those could apply as a benchmark for the production Lexus LF-LC, which is believed to be a revival of the Lexus SC nameplate.

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Although there’s no confirmation that the above prototype is indeed a Lexus, the rear exhaust hints at is, as does the rear window and windshield. Looking back at the Lexus LF-LC concept, the rear bodylines match up and the long, sloping hood also points to Lexus design.

[Source: Matt Farah Instagram]

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