Volvo Launches Lifetime Warranty for Replacement Parts


Volvo North America is giving its customers more peace of mind. 

The company has introduced a lifetime warranty on parts and labor for all vehicles that are serviced at a registered Volvo dealer after the factory warranty has expired.

After a customer has paid for the initial parts and labor, Volvo will cover the costs of any subsequent repairs that need to be made to that part, excluding accessories and wear items.

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All Volvo vehicles are eligible for the Volvo Service Advantage program, which includes the lifetime parts and labor warranty. Volvo dealers also offer their customers free software updates, complimentary diagnostics, personal service, alternative transportation and a complimentary car wash.

“We look forward to redefining the way manufacturers service and support their vehicles” says Scott Doering, Vice President of Customer Service, Volvo Cars of North America. The lifetime parts and labor warranty is a best in class offer from a luxury automaker.”

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