Watch People Mistake the Ford GT for a McLaren

Watch People Mistake the Ford GT for a McLaren

Ford had done such a good job with its new GT, no one believes it’s made by them. 

While automotive enthusiasts like ourselves stay on top of the car world, clinching onto every debut and announcement, a large portion of the general public does not pay attention to cars until they’re all over the roadways. That’s why when Ford Europe took the new Ford GT to central London, it wasn’t a huge surprise that no one could guess who actually made the supercar. After covering up the blue oval on the front bumper, the American automaker asked all those flocking over to the supercar who they think makes it.

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The answers? Well, it ranged from McLaren to Ferrari to Lamborghini, automakers that are expected when it comes to the world of supercars. Undoubtedly the Ford GT looks the part of exotic, and we can’t blame those thinking it’s a McLaren, especially considering they’re in London. Most are shocked when they hear that it’s a Ford, and let’s be honest, we were stunned when the car bowed in Detroit earlier this year. As least in the styling and design department, Ford really surprised the world with how gorgeous the new GT is.

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