Ford Taurus to Leave US Market?

Ford might pull the plug on the slow-selling Taurus in the U.S. 

Sales of the Taurus have fallen 28 percent through July, while the last update for the car came back in 2012. Ford revealed a redesigned Taurus back in April, but the company is only selling the new model in China, leading analysts to speculate that Ford might be preparing to pull the car from the U.S.

Automotive News spoke with Chris Lemley, a Ford dealer in Medford, Mass. who has been requesting more Tauruses but has received very few. “If they want to retain Taurus long term, they need to produce and sell more of them in the short term,” said Lemley. “Right now, we are below the threshold level of inventory to participate meaningfully in the D [full-size] segment.”

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Roughly 20 percent of Tauruses are turned into police cars, but its Explorer Interceptor is a much more popular choice and even Taurus cop car sales are falling.

“Taurus continues to play an important role in our North America vehicle lineup,” said Ford spokesman Said Deep when asked about the future of the car.

One of the Taurus’s biggest competitors is Ford’s own midsize Fusion which offers more passenger space and legroom in a cheaper, more attractive package. More Fusions sold this July alone than all of the Tauruses that have been sold in 2015.

[Source: Automotive News]

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