Drivers Say They Want More Technology, Then Never Use It: Study


A new J.D. Power Study has found that many of the latest automotive technologies go unused by drivers. 

The results are from the first 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience Report, which found that 20 percent of new vehicle owners have never used 16 out of the 33 technology features they were questioned about. Systems like automatic parking have never been used by 35 percent of drivers with the setup equipped, while 33 percent of drivers opt not to use their head-up display.

In-vehicle concierge services go unused by 43 percent of owners, while mobile routers are not taken advantage of by 38 percent of buyers.

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J.D. Power says that neglecting a new technology feature in the first 30 days of ownership will usually lead to that feature never being used. The study pins the responsibility of getting customers using new technology on the dealers, as buyers had a much higher likelihood of using a new technology feature if it was explained to them in the dealership.

The study also looked at which features drivers did not want, with 20 percent of owners pinpointing 14 features they could do without. Those include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, in-vehicle concierge and in-vehicle voice texting.