Lexus LS Fuel-Cell Variant Rumored to Bow in 2020


Toyota and Lexus are looking to take advantage of their 2020 Tokyo Olympics sponsorship by introducing numerous new models including a Lexus LS fuel-cell variant.

Japan-based publication Best Car is reporting that Toyota will launch a product blitz of at least eight vehicles tied to the games, including a taxi and a hydrogen fuel-cell Toyota Crown as well.

Expect the hydrogen fuel-cell variants to feature the same powertrain found in the new Toyota Mirai, though the Japanese automaker also plans to deploy fuel-cell drivetrains beyond the Mirai. Zero-emission vehicles are favored by The Olympic Games as the ideal vehicles for accompanying events such as the marathon, helping reduce concerns over the quality of the air that athletes are breathing.

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It is believed the Lexus LS fuel-cell variant will debut by 2018 and the Crown will arrive the following year. Expect both vehicles to get different styling to differentiate themselves from their standard gasoline or even hybrid counterparts. Another fuel-cell powertrain may arrive in the next-generation Estima minivan.

As a main sponsor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, expect to see Toyota vehicles front and center at the event, ferrying athletes, VIPS, officials and spectators to and from events. The deal also means national and global Olympic activities will use Toyota’s vehicles exclusively.

[Source: Automotive News]

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