Tesla Asks Some Owners to Cut Back on Supercharger Use

Tesla Asks Some Owners to Cut Back on Supercharger Use

Tesla owners are having a hard time defending the American automaker’s decision to contact Model S owners about excessive Supercharger use.

Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk changed the phrasing used when referring to the company’s Supercharger stations, saying that the Supercharger promise is “free long-distance travel forever” rather than “free forever.” At the time, Musk hinted that Superchargers weren’t really meant to be used for local driving by owners that live near one adding that “there are a few people who are quite aggressively using it for local supercharging.” Musk added at the time that notes would be sent out to those that are aggressively using those Superchargers, reminding them that it’s alright to do occasionally, but that they’re meant for long-distance travel.

And now those notes have arrived and the reception among owners hasn’t been very positive. While the message itself isn’t insulting, some owners are offended because they hardly, if ever, use the Supercharger stations. Some don’t even live near one and others actually have only used them for long-distance travel. The timing of the letters being sent is also inopportune, with Tesla’s financials showing that the company is needing cash as it sets up to manufacture the Model X.

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It is being suggested that Tesla is more concerned about congestion at its Supercharger stations rather than usage or cost. The note sent to owners did plead to local users to “promptly move your Model S once charging is complete,” alluding that owners are using Supercharger stations as convenient parking spots.

[Source: Green Car Reports]

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