Top 5 Apps Teens Use When Driving Distracted

More than one in three teens admit to taking their eyes off the road when app notifications come in while driving.

A recent study reveals alarming statistics involving distracted driving among teenagers, with an overwhelming 88 percent of teens who consider themselves “safe” drivers admitting to using phone apps on the road.

So just which social media apps are so important that teenagers found it necessary to check their smartphones while driving? The most popular app that teens report using while behind the wheel is Snapchat at 38 percent. Of those surveyed, 20 percent said Instagram, while 17 percent pointed to Twitter. Both Facebook and YouTube had 12 percent of the votes, which also means that teenage drivers are catching up on watching videos while behind the wheel.

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The survey was conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and involved 1,622 11th and 12th graders across the country. In addition to social media apps distracting teen drivers, 37 percent of the teens surveyed admitted to texting to confirm or co-ordinate event details while driving.

“Today’s hyper-connected teens’ ‘fear of missing out’ can put young drivers at risk on the road, as they may be more plugged into their devices than the actual driving task,” said Dr. William Horrey, Ph.D., principal research scientist at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety.

“Teens may be at higher risk because they don’t always have the attentional capacity to deal with all the complexities on the road.  These distractions in addition to fatigue may be even more significant with teens due to their relative driving inexperience as well.  It’s so important for parents and teens to recognize and talk about these dangerous distractions to ensure better safety behind the wheel.”