2015 Mazda Adventure Rally Day 2: Intro

2015 Mazda Adventure Rally Day 2: Intro‘s own Team Eunos Cosmo is back competing for charity in the 2015 Mazda Adventure Rally. This year, the event is taking place on the Canadian West Coast, with our team landing in Vancouver and driving all the way to Whistler. 

The results from yesterday’s events are in, and we’re in a four-way tie for first place! We earned the maximum amount of points for the day and while the coffee cup challenge was a nice introduction to the newbies at the event, it was hardly a tough challenge. Today will help separate the teams apart.

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Today, the folks at the rally educated us about the 2016 Mazda CX-3’s AWD system, meaning we’ll likely get to put it to use on some tough gravel roads. We also have a few other items that will likely be used as clues for upcoming trivia challenges. I’d say more, but I’m getting paranoid of the other teams watching this space and getting ideas.

Mike and I have some ideas about what the challenges will include today, and we’ll fill you in with the Storify feed below. We imagine we’ll drive from Whistler to Kelowna, but that’s just a hunch we have. We’ll see!