2018 Jeep Wrangler Mules Spied Testing


The first set of next-gen Jeep Wrangler spy photos have rolled in, showing two- and four-door mules out testing.

Though the overall design of the Wrangler will stay mostly the same, we can see some slight body modifications have been done to the cowl and front fenders on these mules. The extent to which the design will be changed is still unknown, although a dealer who has seen the new Wrangler says it will stay “true to its current form.”

A rough, matte finish can be seen on many of the body panels fitted to these mules, suggesting they are made of a different material than the rest, likely aluminum. Rumor has it that the new Wrangler will have aluminum doors, fenders, tailgate and hood to help the SUV shed weight to improve fuel economy.

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Some close up shots of the rear suspension reveal some more tidbits of info on the next Wrangler. A rear crossmember that is fitted to the current Wrangler, which serves as a track bar, is gone. This helps to keep the rear axle properly situated. The removal suggests that some thorough updates to the suspension have taken place.

Improving fuel economy is one of the biggest jobs for the new Wrangler, which is why an eight-speed automatic transmission and the addition of a diesel engine are likely for the new off-roader. A Wrangler-based pickup truck is also said to be coming.

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