Gallery: Most Awesome Concept Cars from the Frankfurt Motor Show

Bugatti had the most epic concept car at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, hands down. 

It’s rare that automakers are able to stun people these days, but even though the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept was unveiled in computer renderings before the show, people were still shocked when they saw it in person.

That’s the cool thing about concept cars. They are projects that designers can go wild with, and they often give us a pretty good glimpse into what an automaker is planning for future cars. There were a handful of awesome concept cars at the Frankfurt show this year. Some of them, like the Mazda Koeru crossover, look ready for production, while others, like the Honda Project 2&4, will never make it to showrooms, but they’re damn cool any way.

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Flip through the gallery above to see some of the best concept cars revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

Watch our video about the Top 5 reveals from the show below:

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