Hyundai N Performance Brand Launches With a Virtual Concept


Hyundai is getting serious about performance.

Shown above is the wild new Vision Gran Turismo concept, which the Korean automaker debuted today at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

A show-piece designed for the virtual world of the Gran Turismo racing simulator, it’s also one of the eye-catching models designed to introduce the world to the new Hyundai N performance sub-brand.

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Hyundai says the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell making 871-hp, with thrust being delivered to all four wheels via independent in-wheel motors.

It goes without saying that Hyundai has zero plans to produce anything like the Vision GT … ever.

But that’s not all.

Hyundai RM15

A second concept, called the RM15 (Racing Midship 2015) was also on display. The mid-engine sports car concept uses an aluminum spaceframe and carbon fiber body to weigh just 2,777 lbs. When mated to the brand’s 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, the car’s 300 hp should deliver impressive performance.

Rather than some sort of exotic-looking sports car, the RM15 looks more like an elongated Veloster.

To show that the brand’s focus on performance has some presence in the real-world, Hyundai also showcased the latest i20 WRC rally car.

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The reason Hyundai chose the letter N for its new performance brand is twofold. First is because of Namyang, South Korea, where Hyundai does its R&D work. The second reason is for the Nurburgring, where the new N models will be tested.

Hyundai claims its new N models will offer “predictable and responsive handling,” as well as, “vigorous acceleration.”

“Drivers will soon experience the thrills and emotions of our proven motorsport prowess for themselves,” said Albert Biermann, Head of Performance Development & High Performance Vehicle Division. “Our future model line-up will include performance-oriented and race-track-capable cars with full of energy. They’re just the start of what we know will be a fast and exhilarating journey.”

Hyundai gave no indication of when the first N models will arrive but did say that the cars will include powertrains and lightweight materials derived from the brand’s WRC program.

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