Jaguar Land Rover Details its Electric Future

Jaguar Land Rover Details its Electric Future

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has revealed a trio of concept demonstrators, previewing the brand’s electrified future. 

The Concept_e vehicles all include a new modular electric drive module (eDM) which JLR claims makes twice the power and torque of any electric motor-generator being used today. The eDM can be placed between any engine and transmission to create a mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid or a full-time battery electric vehicle.

“This is a long-term Jaguar Land Rover research project exploring all aspects of future hybrid and battery electric vehicle technology,” said Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology at Jaguar Land Rover. “The three Concept_e vehicles will allow us to test and develop exciting new potential technologies that could form part of our low and zero emissions vision beyond 2020,” he said.

The first of the three concepts is a mild hybrid based on the Range Rover Evoque, which uses an 88-hp diesel engine along with a 48V electrical system and a 15 kW crank integrated motor which can disconnect from the drive system thanks to a clutch.

A plug-in hybrid system was also created, using a Range Rover Sport along with a 297 hp gasoline engine. In this application, the electric motor is capable of up to 150 kW and also acts as the starter motor. A 320-volt lithium ion battery is fitted in the trunk to power that motor.

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Finally, the third concept is based on JLR’s new aluminum architecture which underpins the XE and XF. It is a fully electric vehicle which uses a 70 kWh lithium ion battery, electric rear-axle drive units and an 85 kW electric motor. That rear drive unit features a 145 kW electric motor.

“Whether it’s optimising the internal combustion engine, advanced hybrid and battery-electric propulsion systems, the introduction of new, lightweight materials or the improvement of energy conservation through more efficient heating and ventilation technologies, we are leaving no stone unturned to ensure Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles emit significantly less emissions in the future,” said Epple.

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