Chevrolet Corvette Owners File Class Action Lawsuit for Engine Issues


Chevrolet Corvette owners have filed a class action lawsuit against the American automaker for engine failures.

The owners are alleging that the 2006-2014 Chevrolet Corvette 427 and Z06 equipped with a 7.0-liter V8 engine suffer from excessive valve guide wear that leads to engine failures. The filing notes that General Motors is aware of the issue but has not yet come up with a solution. Currently 19 owners have filed over 70 claims, alleging that GM began testing vehicles using the “wiggle method,” and when the test determined many of the sports cars had valve guides out of spec, the company stopped testing because it “would lead to more repair and investigations than it wished to perform.”

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The Corvette has been in the spotlight over recent years for engine failures, with owners earlier in the year watching their engines fail with less than 1,000 miles on the odometer. The American automaker has responded to those claims by instructing owners to follow the break-in period and oil change procedure at 500 miles to remove possible contaminants created during the engine break-in process.

[Source: TTAC]

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Cody Beisel says:

Haha gm what a joke. Thank god I managed to sell my old cobalt ss. That ignition piled up and never got compensation for the rear end that happened as a result. Hope this company burns to the ground! Sorry vette owners you own a beautiful but very flawed car same goes for the camaro owners too, gm can build an attractive car but one that self destructs

Jack Armstrong says:

They have their faults. The owners share in that responsibility too. I once worked at a dealership where a new pickup truck was towed in because the engine was locked up. It 7,000 on it. It had no oil in it. The owner said a new truck shouldn’t need oil or an oil change.

Many high powered cars are expected to rev to the moon and take all sorts of abuse. It’s really an owner who shouldn’t be driving a car like that without a few lesson on how to take care of the thing.

Google “dodge challenger hellcat crashes”. The car was one hour old. Ignorant driver.

Cody Beisel says:

Read car and drivers long term vette and tell me if that’s driver error or not. The quality is just poor no excuse.

iammrmail says:

Try not hitting the Red Line before Breakin, and using crap has, maybe then you idiots won’t screw up your engine

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Aurora says:

Huh,7 Lit,engines ! And still not good..just because of valve guides.In Europe that is size of heavy duty trucks!Again,Russians are here to help-they engines and USA make -up will make good cars.. similar to NASA,they using Russian booster engines to propel rocket