Ford Focus RS Power Increased to 350 HP, 350 LB-FT

Jodi Lai
by Jodi Lai

The Ford Focus RS hasn’t even come out yet, and it’s already making enthusiasts happier with a horsepower increase.

The official figure for the manual-only hot hatch now stands at a whopping 350 horsepower, up from the 345 figure Ford estimated in June. Torque from the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder is also rated at 350 pound-feet. Peak horsepower occurs at 6,000 rpm to the 6,800-rpm redline and maximum thrust comes online at a low 3,200 rpm.

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The four-wheel drive Focus RS will also be move forgiving: It will restart the engine automatically after a stall. There will be no need for a driver to manually restart the engine after a stall, and the system will depress the clutch on its own.

“We knew we wanted to put start-stop technology on the RS,” explained Tyrone Johnson, engineering and vehicle manager, Ford Performance Europe, in a press release. “So we said, ‘What if we went one step further, and controlled for engine stall at launch using the same technology?’ ”

Production of the Ford Focus RS begins later this year.

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Jodi Lai
Jodi Lai

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  • Mark S Mark S on Oct 13, 2015

    The engine is great, but I am really interested to see how the trick AWD works....have they cracked the ability hide the understeer nature if a front bias AWD? Still great to have an RS badge on US shores!

  • Timothyhood Timothyhood on Oct 13, 2015

    They really need to let us buy it in this color as well! The RS, GT350 and GT need to be available in this color as statement cars. A great way for enthusiasts to recognize them from far off, knowing this is the only way to get that color.