Mazda3 Sales Halted Over Fuel Leak Issue

Mazda3 Sales Halted Over Fuel Leak Issue

Mazda has issued a stop-sale on just about 15,000 Mazda3 compact cars over an issue with the fuel shut-off valve. 

Cars built between May 21 and Aug. 24 are affected by the faulty fuel valve which can allow fuel to flow into the emissions charcoal canister. This can lead to a fuel leak which increases the risk of a fire. The check engine light will come on if this happens.

In total, 14,720 vehicles need fixing in the U.S. while 136 are affected in Puerto Rico.

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Mazda will begin contacting owners in October and will instruct them to bring their vehicles into dealerships. If the faulty valve is found, the dealer will replace it free of charge.

No injuries or accidents have been reported as a result of the problem. Mazda is offering customers a ride to their nearest dealerships if they don’t want to drive the vehicle themselves.

[Source: Automotive News]

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