Nissan Teases Electric Vehicle Concept that Could Preview Next Leaf

Nissan looks to debut a new electric vehicle concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show next week.

Releasing a teaser image saying that the concept is “the future vision of car intelligence and electrification,” it’s easy to speculate that it will be an all-electric vehicle with autonomous technology. The styling on the vehicle closely resembles the direction Nissan has been going with recent concepts, including the Gripz crossover. Nissan also alludes to an EV by the generous use of the color blue, which is used as accents on the Nissan Leaf.

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It is rumored that the concept will preview the next-generation Nissan Leaf that is due by 2017. The company is also looking to expanding the Leaf into a sub-brand, offering additional models and body styles as more consumers embrace electrified vehicles worldwide.

The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show kicks off October 19 and other vehicles expected to make their debut include the Mazda RX-9 concept, Mitsubishi eX concept and a new Honda fuel cell sedan. Subaru has also teased its future with two new concepts that will be introduced at the show and Lexus has teased its concept by previewing a new headlight design. Check back with next week as we’ll be covering the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show live from Japan.

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