Support this LEGO BMW E30 M3 Evo Right Now!

The latest LEGO Idea that has grabbed our attention is a rad BMW E30 M3 Evo.

The concept was created by Amir Pasha and is currently gathering supporters and needs your help so that it can be produced. Like other LEGO Ideas, it needs 10,000 supporters before it gets approved and that’s when a board of set designers and marketing representatives take a closer look at the idea to see if it’s worth producing and selling. If the project makes it past the board, creators will work closely with LEGO to finalize the set, will receive royalties on sales and will be recognized as the product’s creator.

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Unlike other LEGO Ideas we’ve seen, Pasha’s E30 M3 has actually received a nod of approval on BMW’s official Facebook page: “LEGO, we would also love to see the Lego E30 M3 realized, as Amir embodied the spirit of our classic BMW.”

Pasha is a student studying mechanical engineering and hopes to one day build a real BMW E30 M3 of his own. For now, BMW owns his heart and you can help make one of his dreams a reality by supporting the project by clicking the source link below.

[Source: LEGO Ideas]

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