Trio of Toyota Concepts Tease Fun and Efficient Future


Toyota is bringing a trio of concept vehicles to this year’s Tokyo Motor Show to show its fun side along with some future technology. 

The S-FR is essentially a baby FR-S, using the same lightweight, rear-wheel drive layout as the larger sports car. Toyota’s hydrogen fuel-cell technology is on full display with the FCV Plus Concept while the KIKAI Concept is a fun, artistic take on a modern car.

Driving fun is the main focus of the S-FR and is implemented with independent suspension, a manual transmissions and lightweight construction. The concept is 10-inches shorter than the FR-S and 3-inches narrower, though the roof stands slightly taller.

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With the FCV Plus, Toyota emphasizes that this car can be used an external generator used to help power your house or the grid. The fuel cell stack sits between the front wheels while the hydrogen tank is between the rear axle, allowing for a spacious cabin, accentuated on this car by massive glass panes all around.

Finally the KIKAI was built to show off the movement and beauty of vehicles, which is why most of its internal workings are prominently displayed. To help the driver connect with the machinery, Toyota used analog gauges and large switches in the interior along with a small window at the driver’s feet which allows you to watch the suspension components working. The driver also sits in the middle of the vehicle to help with the connected driving feel.

Alongside the three concept cars, Toyota will show off Kirobo Mini, a robot which has been programmed to communicate with its owner in a meaningful way.

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