Volkswagen Confirms EA288 Diesel Engine Aren’t Cheaters


Volkswagen has confirmed that its EA288 diesel engines aren’t affected by the recent emissions scandal.

Yesterday, it was reported that Volkswagen’s EA288 diesel engine was under investigation to see if it cheated on emissions tests, and now the German automaker has made an official statement saying that those engines designed for EU5 and EU6 are not affected. The company confirmed “that no software constituting an improper defeat device as defined in laws is installed in vehicles with EA288 EU5 as well as EU6 engines in the European Union with those engines comply with legal requirements and environmental standards.”

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Volkswagen reiterated that it is systematically reviewing the issue worldwide and is still working on a technical solution so that it can recall vehicles next January at no cost to customers.

Last month, Volkswagen admitted to cheating on EPA diesel emissions tests, opening up a giant scandal that could not only prove costly to the automaker financially, but affect sales in the short term and long term. Since the announcement, several executives have stepped down from positions of power and the company had to withdraw its EPA application for its 2016 diesel models in the U.S., effectively issuing a stop-sale on those vehicles.

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