California Has Terrible Traffic, But it’s Not the Worst in the US


Six of the most congested highways in the U.S. are in in Los Angeles, California, but the most congested is in another state.

According to a recent report, Chicago, Illinois is home to the most congested highway in the United States: I90 between Roosevelt Road and North Nagle Avenue. With a 12-mile queue length, traffic at that location has an annual total delay of 16,900,000 hours with an annual lost value of time of $418,000,000. As a real eye opener, congested traffic on I90 in Chicago wastes approximately 6,370,000 gallons of fuel per year.

The Federal Highway Administration notes that recurring bottlenecks account for the largest share of road delay in the U.S. at 40 percent, surpassing traffic incidents that account for 25 percent, inclement weather at 15 percent and construction at 10 percent. Thirty of America’s most severe urban bottlenecks result in about 91-million hours of delay on drivers each year.

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Following Chicago, Los Angeles takes up the next six spots on the list, with the six highways adding up to the equivalent of 34.7-million hours delayed annually. The Lincoln Tunnel between 10th Avenue and John F Kennedy Boulevard in New York and New Jersey is eighth while the I95 between I895 and Broadway is ninth place in New York. Coming in 10th is the I35 between East Riverside Drive and E Dean Keaton Street in Austin, Texas.

As for the 50th bottleneck in the U.S., that honor goes to I90 from Dorchester Avenue to A Street in Boston, Massachusetts. For comparison’s sake, that highway accounts for an annual delay of just 200,000 hours while running an annual lost value of time at $7 million.