Chrysler Hemi V8 Wins Drag-Racing Award

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Chrysler’s legendary Hemi has won more than its share of awards over the years, but it just got another feather in its already overloaded cap.

Blokes at the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame have honored this fabled V8. They gave the engine a Global Achievement Award, which was accepted in person in the UK by Pietro Gorlier, head of FCA’s Mopar division. Donna Garlits, daughter of drag-racing legend “Big Daddy” Don Garlits presented the trophy.

Chrysler’s legendary 426 Hemi was introduced in the mid-1960s but it still lives on today. Initially developed for racers, it eventually found its way under the hoods of production cars that prowled America’s streets.

Called “the elephant” because of its physical size and massive valve covers this engine is fabled for the horsepower it’s capable of delivering, both in stock and modified forms.

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Last year Mopar celebrated this Hemi’s 50th anniversary by introducing a GEN III version of the fabled 426. The new and improved model features an aluminum block and cylinder heads and delivers 540 ponies right out of the crate, though with proper rotating components and ancillary parts the sky’s practically the limit with what this engine can produce.

The Chrysler 426 Hemi’s brute performance won its advocates many victories over the last five decades. And it’s still winning races today. That’s not a bad record for a powerplant that first debuted in 1964.

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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