Nissan GT-R NISMO N Attack Package Lands in US Because ‘Regular’ GT-R Wasn’t Fast Enough


This is the most potent Nissan GT-R ever offered to customers.

Called the N Attack package, a regular GT-R NISMO has been taken and heavily modified into a monster capable of crushing a 7:08.679-second time around the world-famous Nurburgring in Germany.

This is the first time we are seeing the N Attack GT-R in the U.S. and good news, it’s now for sale here, too. Offered in two trims, there will be an A kit and B kit for the N Package. If this all sounds very confusing, let us explain how it works.

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The A Kit is the more hardcore of the two and includes suspension changes, brake upgrades and improved aerodynamics. More power is pumped out of the 3.8-liter turbo V6, thanks to carbon intercooler piping and a new ECM and TCM. Dedicated front and rear limited-slip differentials are also installed and the rear seats are removed, replaced by a carbon shelf. Completing the A kit are carbon shell front seats.

For those looking at a bit more livability, the B kit retains the NISMO’s regular seats all around, ditches the carbon intercooler piping and doesn’t come with the new front and rear differentials.

Regardless of which kit is chosen, the only place to get the N Attack Package installed in the U.S. is through Nissan official partner, Stillen based out of Mesa, California.

Look for N Attack GT-R NISMOs to show up at a racetrack near you soon.

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