Top 10 SEMA Cars Ready for the End of the World

Mike Schlee
by Mike Schlee

The end of the world is coming.

At least that’s the feeling at SEMA this year. Maybe it’s because it’s located in the middle of the desert or maybe it’s due to the popularity of Mad Max this year, but post-apocalyptic vehicles are hotter than four-foot truck lifts at the 2015 SEMA Show.

2015 SEMA Show Coverage

Ready for a world where fuel, food and personal hygiene are in short supply, these 10 cars are badass, all-terrain machines ready to outrun muscle-bound men that look like extras from a 1980s heavy metal music video.

10. Super Jeep

Starting off our list is a Jeep that’s up for anything. With 54-inch tires designed to scale the Hoover Dam, but a ride height that would keep some sense of manoeuverability, the Jeep may be the perfect vehicle to bomb across the desert floor at ludicrous speeds.

9. Fast and Furious Charger

This car may be from another fast-pace, explosion-filled movie franchise, but the off-road ready Charger would be perfectly at home in a sequel to Mad Max. I wonder if Tom Hardy and Vin Diesel would do a crossover movie? Fast Max? Or maybe Mad Furious?

8. Rusty Slammington

Alright, the next car on the list may be lacking some ground clearance, but Rusty Slammington would look right at home in a world gone to hell. As long as there are no curbs, rocks or bumps in the road, Rusty will be fine. But removing the fenders and slapping on a set of 40-inch mudders would really make Slammington unstoppable.

7. General Mayhem

Wait, what’s this car doing on the list? It’s just a beat up old Charger. There’s nothing special to see here. It must be a mistake or a typo.

OK fine, this uber sleeper packs the heart of a Hellcat complete with modern SRT Dodge steering wheel, gear lever and gauge cluster.

6. Six-Pack

How to outrun the unrelenting, crazed end-of-the-world bad guys? With giant turbos and all the NOS a flatbed could ever want – that’s how. Called the six pack, this steroid-oozing truck will probably rip your face off at full speed with over 1,000 hp.


5. International Thunder Run

At some point during the end of the world, the need will arise to haul stuff, smash someone out of the way or do both at the same time. This truck looks perfect for the job. Plus, the exhaust stacks are nicely protected from the never ending barrage of explosions and flying body parts.

4. Mad-Maxxis Off-Roadrunner

Well, Maxxis knows what’s up and created the Mad-Maxxis Off-Roadrunner. Winner of the punniest car at SEMA, the Roadrunner is another perfect car for high speed chases across the desert floor, thanks to a cummins 5.0-liter diesel V8 stolen from the new Nissan Titan. Extra points are awarded for that wicked hood scoop and pickup-like bed in the back.

3. Welderup Big Rig

If there’s one thing the Mad Max movie franchise has taught us, it’s that a good big rig is always needed at some point for a dramatic chase scene. I can’t think of a truck better suited for that than this beast.

2. River Rock Rat

And if there’s rain in the post-apocalyptic world, the Willys Rock Rat is ready to smash through flooded valleys. Low slung but with a height adjustable suspension, the rat will obliterate any obstacle in its way, thanks in part to coming with 1400 lb-ft of torque. Oh, and that blower is awesome.

1. Valerian Steel

Taking the top spot is this creation behind me. What it is I’m not sure, but it’s called the Valyrian steel and is a mess of tubing, gearing and sword backed seats. Even if it is a tribute to Game of Thrones, when the leader of the corrupt underworld needs a personal vehicle in a world gone mad, this is what they’ll be driving.

Mike Schlee
Mike Schlee

A 20+ year industry veteran, Mike rejoins the AutoGuide team as the Managing Editor. He started his career at a young age working at dealerships, car rentals, and used car advertisers. He then found his true passion, automotive writing. After contributing to multiple websites for several years, he spent the next six years working at the head office of an automotive OEM, before returning back to the field he loves. He is a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC), and Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA). He's the recipient of a feature writing of the year award and multiple video of the year awards.

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    Love me some rat rods!

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