Aston Martin Files for Aeroblade Trademark

Aston Martin has filed a trademark for “Aeroblade.”

According to the trademark application, Aeroblade will be used for “passenger cars and racing cars and parts and fittings therefor” hinting that it will likely be a part for a vehicle rather than a nameplate for a model. Based on the name, it might be a safe guess that the British automaker is working on a dynamic rear spoiler for its sports cars, something similar to what’s found on various McLaren models.

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Given the company’s recent investments into the hardcore Vulcan, Aston Martin has likely developed aerodynamic components that could be used on its production models.

The next sports car to come from Aston Martin will be the DB11 that will launch late next year as the successor to the DB9. It is believed that at least one of the DB11’s models will use a turbocharged V8 powerplant, but Aston Martin will also continue its tradition of equipping the sports car with a naturally aspirated V12.

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