Honda Expands MSX Trademark, Could it Be for the Baby NSX?


Honda has expanded its MSX trademark in Europe and it could be the nameplate for the baby NSX.

Last week, the Japanese automaker filed a trademark for MSX, specifically for use with “Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; and parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.” The thing is, Honda already has a trademark in Europe for MSX being used for a motorcycle that is sold in most regions as the MSX125, but marketed in North America as the Honda Grom. That specific trademark is registered for use for “Motorcycles and parts and fittings thereof, excluding¬†pneumatic tires, inner tubes and treads for recapping tires.”

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The original MSX trademark was filed in 2012 and doesn’t expire until 2022. It could be a possibility that Honda is expanding the range of its trademark and that it will continued to be used exclusively for a motorcycle, a move that companies do fairly often. But with rumors swirling that a baby NSX is in the works, it would explain the need for a new MSX trademark if that’s the nameplate Honda decides to go with.

For now we will have to continue and wait to see if Honda does make the baby NSX a reality.

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