Lotus Joins the Bespoke Party with Lotus Exclusive Personalization Program

Lotus is now offering personalization options for its customers through a new program called Lotus Exclusive.

The new personalization service developed by the Lotus Design team will allow existing and new Lotus owners to customize their vehicles from bumper to bumper.

Lotus Exclusive will offer a wide range of color choices for owners from heritage hues to race-themed finishes. Colors include Essex Blue, which was first used in the Essex Commemorative Lotus Esprit Turbo of 1980 as well as corresponding F1 cars in 1980 and 1981. The company will also offer Motorsport Black, which debuted on the limited edition Lotus Sport Exige 240R. In addition to the headline colors, Lotus Exclusive will offer a variety of color matching services in matte, gloss, metallic or pearl finishes.

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After choosing their paint color, owners can then further customize their vehicles with body decals to highlight key components such as the door mirrors, side skirts, wings or spoilers. Body decals can be applied in white, yellow, red or black and in three styles: twin, single or asymmetric. To further give the car a more unique look, Lotus Exclusive also offers larger graphics with national flags, including the Union Jack.

Lastly, customers can customize the interior with five different leather shades and four stitch colors.

For now, Lotus Exclusive will only be available to customers in Europe, but the company will expand to other regions later this year.

“In the past we have created a number of cars personalised to the specific requests of individual customers,” said Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Group Lotus. “These stunning cars were produced by a team of skilled craftsmen and women, using their expertise to create something exceptional and unique for the customer. Now all our customers will be offered this service, to create their own personalised car through Lotus Exclusive.”

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