Salma Hayek’s Brother is Suing Ford

Salma Hayek’s Brother is Suing Ford

Salma Hayek’s brother, Sami Hayek, is suing Ford.

Hayek alleges that the 2006 Ford GT he was driving during a fatal accident in February 2014 suffered a “catastrophic failure,” causing it to wreck on Sunset Boulevard in California. He claims that the transaxle malfunctioned, transferring too much power to one of the rear wheels and sent the Ford GT into oncoming traffic.

The accident also involved a pickup truck that crashed into the passenger-side door, causing the death of Ian Cuttler Sala, a Grammy Award-winning art director and photographer. The 2006 Ford GT actually belonged to Salma Hayek and her husband at the time of the accident.

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Hayek claims that Ford is aware of the “need to issue a recall” because similar incidents have been reported. We searched NHTSA’s website for complaints on the Ford GT and didn’t find anything consistent with Hayek’s claims. The vehicle has been included in the Takata airbag recall, while the 2005 model year had an issue with its upper and lower control arms. Complaints filed with NHTSA include engine and engine cooling and an incident where the vehicle was at the dealership and the dealer informed the owner that the CV bolts had fallen out.

Following the fatal accident, eyewitness claims that Hayek was speeding at the time of the accident and an investigation was launched.

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