Take a Look Inside the Incredible McLaren P1 GTR Workshop

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

A new set of images has been released from inside McLaren’s new P1 GTR workshop, otherwise known as automotive Heaven.

For those who need it, a quick refresher: the McLaren P1 GTR is track-only hypercar that’s built on a carbon-fiber monocoque with power provided by a twin-turbocharged V8 hybrid setup that makes 986 horsepower. A super-lightweight Inconel and titanium alloy exhaust, a carbon-fiber steering wheel and an aerodynamics package that produces 1455 pounds of downforce at 150 mph are just a few of the P1 GTRs other race-ready features.

The workshop, located close to McLaren HQ in Woking, England, is responsible for preparing these track-only supercars for shipping and racing at a number of the world’s top circuits, just one part of the car’s unique ownership experience. Customers simply arrive at the chosen race track and their car is waiting for them, ready to race. But owning a P1 GTR comes with so much more than that.

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Each owner is able to design a custom livery with the help of McLaren’s designers and the company fits their car with a custom carbon fiber seat. A personal fitness trainer, driver coach and simulator sessions are also provided to the owners, helping them to get the most from their car.

So how much does it all cost? First of all, you need to already be a McLaren P1 owner in order to qualify for P1 GTR ownership. If you pass that test, the P1 GTR will set you back $3,357,000.

One P1 GTR event has already taken place at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. “This event gave the drivers the first taste of what the McLaren P1 GTR can really do,” said McLaren Chief Test Driver Chris Goodwin. “It has got each and every one of them hooked for the rest of the calendar, and in 2016 more customers will join us. We’ll be visiting some of the most exciting and challenging circuits around the world, including the Circuit of the Americas in the USA, Silverstone here in the UK, Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, and Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.”

Around 40 McLaren P1 GTRs will be constructed in total.

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