Top 10 Worst Automakers of 2016: Consumer Reports


If you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, why should you judge an automaker by a single car?

Consumer Reports has tested thousands of vehicles in its history and with all that data, the publication has collected enough information to judge automakers by their entire lineup, ranking them based on their combined road test scores, predicted reliability, safety information and owner satisfaction.

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As a result, Consumer Reports has released a list ranking automakers based on their consistency in delivering vehicles that serve consumers well, as well as automakers that consistently release vehicles that perform poorly in all aspects.

Find out the top 10 worst automakers of 2016 according to Consumer Reports below.

10. Nissan


Hurting Nissan in this year’s rankings are new transmissions that are problematic, according to Consumer Reports. Although the company has an average predicted reliability, the publication only recommends 33 percent of its models, giving it a road test score of 71 and an overall score of 63.

9. Infiniti


Nissan’s luxury arm doesn’t fare much better with worse than average predicted reliability and only 20 percent of its models recommended. Infiniti has an overall score of 63 and a road test score of 76.

8. GMC


The first American automaker on the list is GMC, sporting a worse than average predicted reliability and a road test score of 71. Consumer Reports also only recommends 17 percent of its models, attributing to its overall score of 60.

7. Cadillac


Cadillac may be trying to change its image from top to bottom, but it looks like more work needs to be done. Only a quarter of its lineup is recommended and it earned an abysmal worst rating in predicted reliability. It did, however, earn a road test score of 76, but its overall score of 58 doesn’t bode well.

6. Dodge


Dodge struggles in this year’s rankings with only 17 percent of its test models recommended and worse than average predicted reliability. It has a road test score of 73 and an overall score of 58.

5. Chrysler


Another brand under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) umbrella, Chrysler doesn’t perform much better than Dodge with an overall score of 58, landing it in the middle of the list for worst automakers of 2016. Its road test score is worse at 73, but what really hurts the brand is the fact that not a single model is recommended. It also has worse than average predicted reliability.

4. Land Rover


The only European automaker in this top 10 list comes from the U.K. in the form of Land Rover. Known for luxurious, off-road capable SUVs, Land Rover earns a worst rating for predicted reliability and also doesn’t have a single model recommended by the publication. It has an overall score of 55 and a road test score of 71.

3. Mitsubishi


Mitsubishi is Japan’s worst automaker of 2016, netting an overall score of 51 and the lowest road test score of the bunch at 46. It does, however, have average predicted reliability, but Consumer Reports also doesn’t recommend a single model.

2. Jeep


As you can tell, FCA is getting hammered on this list and it might not come as a surprise, as its brands typically rank lowest in numerous Consumer Reports studies. Jeep has a worst predicted reliability rating, has no recommended models and a 55 road test score. Overall, it scores 43.

1. Fiat


Topping the list of worst automakers of 2016 according to Consumer Reports is Fiat itself. Not a single model is recommended by the publication and like Jeep, it has a worst rating for predicted reliability. Its overall score is 38 and its road test score is 52.