Watch a 2016 COPO Camaro Testing at the Drag Strip

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Chevy Performance has released a new video showing its factory drag racer undergoing testing. 

The COPO Camaro comes straight from the factory ready for the NHRA Stock and Super Stock Eliminator classes, and it is one of Chevy’s most exclusive models with just 69 units made each year. Chevy says that this latest version of the car is 28 percent stiffer and 133 pounds lighter than the previous car.

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Those lucky enough to snag a 2016 Chevrolet COPO Camaro can select from a variety of supercharged and naturally aspirated LS- and LT-family engines based on their intended NHRA Stock and Super Stock classes. Options include a supercharged 5.7-liter engine, a naturally aspirated 7.0-liter engine and an all-new 6.2-liter LT-based engine. All powerplants are paired to a racing-prepped Turbo 400 three-speed automatic transmission.

Thanks to tons of creative angles in this new video, you can see what a burnout looks like from underneath the car and watch the engine as produces massive amounts of power.

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