Zoolander Takes Over Fiat’s Twitter Account

Zoolander Takes Over Fiat’s Twitter Account

The Zoolander 2 marketing machine is running at full tilt. 

With the movie now showing in theaters nationwide, Derek Zoolander has taken over Fiat’s Twitter account, likely as part of the Italian automaker’s collaboration with the new movie. Like we saw during Fiat’s 2016 Super Bowl ads, the Fiat 500X is Zoolander’s new ride in the latest movie and according to him, he “allegedly broke some traffic law,” so now he has to tweet for Fiat as community service.

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The tweets are as expected, very Zoolander and somewhat cringeworthy. There’s a few jabs at social media, like Zoolander asking how to add people to his top 8 on “Tweeter.” Which of course, he’s referring to the age-old Top 8 feature.

There’s also your fill of corny puns that pay reference to the movie and Zoolander’s character himself. You can look at some of the highlights below, and if you’re a die-hard Zoolander fan, you can check it all out on Fiat’s Twitter page.

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