2017 Porsche 911 R Video, First Look

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The purist’s Porsche 911 has finally arrived at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Few people can now argue that Porsche doesn’t listen to its rabid fans with the introduction of the 911 R in Switzerland. After plenty of disappointment with the GT3 RS dumping its manual transmission, the German automaker has created a new model geared towards enthusiasts that love the simple pleasure of driving. It is powered by the same 4.0-liter flat-six engine from the 911 GT3 RS, featuring 500 horsepower and 338 pound-feet of torque, with the powerplant mated exclusively to a six-speed manual transmission.

Zero-to-60 mph comes in at 3.7 seconds while having a top track speed of 200 mph.

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It also has styling to die for, getting rid of the rear spoiler of the GT3 RS for a cleaner look. It weighs in at 3,021 pounds, which means it’s even lighter than the 911 GT3 RS by 100 lbs. That’s because Porsche opted to get rid of some luxury amenities, including the rear seats, interior insulation, air conditioning and audio system.

The Porsche 911 R will arrive U.S. dealerships this summer and will start from $185,950 including destination.

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