5 Important Things we Learned from Jaguar Land Rover

We recently had the chance to chat with Jaguar Land Rover executives at the New York Auto Show. Here’s what we learned about this British dynamo.

1. The F-Pace Will Change Jaguar’s Future


For the first time in Jag’s history, it is offering five models, and the F-Pace gives the automaker a cohesive visual link from the F-Type through to the XJ. And if you doubt the sales potential of the F-Pace, the brand’s first SUV, take it up with Ian Callum, who said it will be the best selling Jag ever. 

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 2. Land Rover Can’t Build the Range Rover SVR Fast Enough


The waiting list for the hand-built, ultra-luxe, performance-oriented truck is several months long. Who knew there was such an appetite for $200,000 SUVs?

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3. The F-Type SVR will be a Drift Monster


JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations team tweaked the AWD system in the F-Type SVR to provide more rear bias. They also softened the front roll bar 5 percent and stiffened the rear 5 percent. So when you switch DSC off, it turns the SVR into a raw, rubber slayer.  

4. There is Heritage Everywhere


For example, the quilted diamond stitch interior in the Jaguar F-Type SVR was inspired by the original Jaguar logo that graced heavy metal like the E-Type and XKSS.

5. Speaking of Heritage…


Jaguar announced that as part of its JLR Classic program, it will build the missing nine cars lost to fire, completing the original 25-car production run. The cars will be built to 1957 spec and will sell for north of $1.5 million.

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