Aston Martin Plotting a Seven Model Lineup


Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer can eventually see a day where the British brand offers seven nameplates. 

Aston just revealed the new DB11, the first in its lineup to receive a complete overhaul. A new Vantage and Vanquish are also both on the way, while the all-electric DBX crossover has also already been fully funded.

Beyond those four confirmed nameplates, a new Lagonda model is likely coming while we know that Aston is working with the Red Bull F1 team to create a new hypercar. The remaining model remains a mystery.

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The new V8 Vantage will be the next revamped car to debut, coming next year. It will be the first Aston to use the turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine borrowed from Mercedes-AMG, a powerplant that will surely end up in other models including the new DB11.

A new Vanquish is due for a launch in 2018 and will use an even more powerful version of the DB11’s turbocharged V12 engine.

Palmer also recommitted to the manual transmission, telling Car and Driver that he wants “to be the last manufacturer in the world to offer a manual sports car.” That means that the only way to get a manual transmission with an AMG V8 is to buy an Aston Martin.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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